Brainstorm Toys

Brainstorm Toys

The Brainstorm motto is ‘explore, discover, learn, enjoy’.

This unique range of science-oriented, interactive educational toys is designed both to entertain children and to inspire them to discover their immediate world - and beyond.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) toys encourage children to explore and develop a passion for these topics.

For the astronomy lovers, there is a selection of solar systems (desktop, or rotating, remote-controlled for ceiling), deep space planetarium and projector, space torch and projector, outer space rocket projector, earth globe and constellations, moon, rainbow, and the calming Aurora lights projector.

For those interested in dinosaurs, we have a dinosaur torch and projector or nightlight, and a T-Rex projector and room guard (large, scarily authentic T-Rex shaped projector with 24 dinosaur images to project onto bedroom walls; when switched into guard mode will roar mightily when unwanted visitors enter the child’s room).

Closer to home, inspiring exploration of the outdoors and our living creatures, we have the eco-friendly spider catcher, bug viewer, microscope, magnifier, and binoculars.

Torches and projectors showcasing various animals, horses, sharks, most deadly, cute and cuddly, outdoor adventure camping, and the new ‘through others’ eyes’ set, which allows the child to see the world through the eyes of other species.

Bring the imagination to life with projectors and torches casting images of fairies and unicorns, mermaids, pirates, and supercars.

All Brainstorm products comply with the required European safety standards.


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