Klorofil Toys

Originally produced in 1975, the iconic Klorofil Magic Tree House has been relaunched by French manufacturer Vulli, makers of Sophie la giraffe.

A cherished toy of many Aussie childhoods, known back in the 70’s as the Tree Tots Family Tree House, the reaction of parents on seeing its return is nostalgic delight.

Now available for a new generation of children 18 months-5 years.

Press the tree top, and, with a satisfying “pop”, it opens up to show a furnished 4-room house with garage, lift, swing, see-saw, slide, kennel, family car and Timber Tot family. 

Stimulates imaginative interaction, storytelling, coordination, fine motor skills, and awareness of the magic and importance of nature and families.

New additions include four new families, the Mushroom Surprise House, Enchanted Park, Hazelnut House, Adventure Bus, helicopter, sidecar and quad.

Contents can be packed away inside the tree and carried around by the handle.

“Nature is magic”

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