National Geographic Plush Toys

Designed in Italy by Lelly. Angelo Venturelli began making plush toys as gifts for the family in his cellar in 1959. From these small beginnings, Lelly has become the European leader in quality plush animal stuffed toys.

Now in partnership with National Geographic, their range of realistic plush animals helps NG in their wildlife conservation initiatives, a portion of the sales proceeds funding science, exploration, conservation, and education.

Sizes range from babies, standard, original and then to deluxe large.

Categories include dinosaurs, butterfly finger puppets, tropical fish, wild pups, lined hand puppets, the basic collection including the adorable meerkat, Europe, desert, Galapagos, Asia, Australia, tropical rainforest, savannah, polar, ocean, North America and big cats.

Realistic, life-like design, excellent quality, educational, luxuriously cuddly, and safe. Each animal comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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